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2012 Media Planning

2012 Media PlanningHigh Visibility Placements are Popular for 2012 Media PlanningWe’re only a few months into 2011 and there is already a lot of media planning and buying for advertising campaigns in 2012. Just like last year, the RFPs we’re seeing now from digital advertising agencies...Continue Reading>>

2011 Media Planning

2011 Media PlanningWe are seeing Increased Advertising Budgets with 2011 Media PlanningBelieve it or not a great deal of digital advertising agencies are already undertaking their 2011 Media Planning for their clients. The RFPs from agencies coming in right now are mostly for companies...Continue Reading>>

Post Impression Tracking

Post Impression TrackingMost people think that a click (measured as the click through rate or CTR) is the only trackable metric when running a display advertising campaign. However comScore Brand Metrix data indicates that many website visitors respond to ads by going directly...Continue Reading>>

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