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Optimizing Advertising Campaigns

Optimizing Advertising CampaignsThere are two important parts to every online advertising campaign and both being equally important when it comes to Optimizing Advertising Campaigns. So what are they?These are ;1. The "where" refers to websites and blogs that...Continue Reading>>

Post Impression Tracking

Post Impression TrackingMost people think that a click (measured as the click through rate or CTR) is the only trackable metric when running a display advertising campaign. However comScore Brand Metrix data indicates that many website visitors respond to ads by going directly...Continue Reading>>

Increasing Click Through Rates

Increasing Click Through RatesIncrease the click through rates on campaigns with Gourmet AdsGourmet Ads focuses on providing advertisers the best platform for their advertising campaign. We do this by only editorially selecting sites we feel will perform. But ultimately...Continue Reading>>

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