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Viewable Impressions

viewabilityDisplay ads generate impressionsApparently 31% of online ads go unseen – and this is a worrying statistic for advertisers that feel like they are spending a lot of money on advertising campaigns. Most display ads are defined by the impressions that they generate, and the more impressions that they can create,...Continue Reading>>

2012 Media Planning

2012 Media PlanningHigh Visibility Placements are Popular for 2012 Media PlanningWe’re only a few months into 2011 and there is already a lot of media planning and buying for advertising campaigns in 2012. Just like last year, the RFPs we’re seeing now from digital advertising agencies...Continue Reading>>

Free Shipping Is Essential

Free Shipping Is EssentialFree Shipping is such a powerful motivator for consumers to purchaseThis concept of Free Shipping has been debated since the beginning of internet sales and has driven many marketing and operational decisions. While there are a variety of opinions, supported...Continue Reading>>

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