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Tablets in the Kitchen

Tablets In the Kitchen

Apps for the Kitchen Tablets

Tablets – We’re not talking about the pill variety, when we mean tablets; we mean that fantastic little device that has been ever growing in popularity since the release of the original iPad. Since the birth of the iPad, more and more people are beginning to get more technologically savvy. Because of this, consumers are starting to use their tablets more in the kitchen, prompting content providers to make apps suitable for the kitchen.

This is a new step in advertising, and ad campaigns need to take this “apps for the kitchen tablet” idea on board. Apps should be incorporated into campaigns because it is a great way to reach out to customers whilst they are on the go or simply sitting at home. Apps are what make tablets personal to each user, so creating apps that will entice and engage a user is the best way of promoting your brand.

Tablet advertising is becoming a huge part of food ad campaigns and Gourmet Ads can help you create effective ad campaigns for tablets and app promotions. Recipe apps are a great place for food brands to begin. If you want to promote your product, the best way to do it is to show your potential consumers what they can do with it. An easy step by step guide on how to cook with your specific ingredient is a great way to actively engage with your consumer as they prepare a meal.

Advertising tablets on Gourmet Ads

Gourmet Ads can provide a platform for exposure for any sized brand through our network of sites. Both larger and smaller brands can benefit from using tablet advertising to engage with their consumer. The interactivity features on tablets such as voice commands, multi touch screens, millions of pixels that ensure a clear picture, and many sensors, mean that ads are easy and enjoyable to access.

Apps are a form of promotion, and tablets that have apps created specifically for the kitchen should be able to meet the users every need. A simple recipe isn’t enough of an interactive experience to get users interested in your product or brand. Instead, you will need to offer more; such as the user being able to personalise their options – dietary requirements, portion size and ingredient amounts – details like these should all be included. Additional features might include timers for each part of the dish, the ability to store recipes and perhaps have a list of “Favourite” recipes which users can come back to.

Tablets have only really been around since the launch of the first iPad in April 2010, and advertisers are missing out on a huge opportunity if they don’t take advantage of advertising on these fantastically innovative pieces of technological equipment. The demand for advertising tablets has increased by a whopping 700% over the past year, and is certain to grow even further over the next

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