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Supermarket Transaction Data

Supermarket Transaction Data

Using Supermarket Transaction Data from Loyalty Card Programs

As loyalty card programs grew in popularity throughout the late 1990s, supermarkets began to realize that a by-product of loyalty programs was the collection of supermarket transaction data that described not only what customers purchased but allowed supermarkets to analyze trends in the buying habits of customers. The collection of such powerful information has created actionable data that provides supermarkets with the ability to more effectively target buyers by understanding their shopping habits. The increasing importance and prevalence of digital advertising is an ideal counterpart to the collection of supermarket transaction data, allowing them to create the most accurately targeted advertising campaigns ever, but many supermarkets haven’t taken full advantage of this information.

One way that supermarkets can use transactional data to their benefit is to use web-based technology, such as retargeting, to provide highly relevant advertising to customers. In essence, the combination of supermarket transaction data and retargeting technology allows them to create personalized advertising flyers to shoppers and potential shoppers which can be transmitted through a number of sites that shoppers are already visiting. Advertising with the Gourmet Ads network can help your supermarket accomplish exactly this – when you provide us with advertising information, we match it to what our customers are looking for and the things we know about our audience so that we can deliver targeted advertising right to the customers you have been aiming for.

Supermarket Transaction data can also be used to create specific shopper incentive programs that are aimed at a targeted group.  For example, one store that analyzed anonymous shopping habits of its consumers found that men who bought diapers on a certain day usually also purchased alcohol.  This seemingly strange connection is something that the marketing department may have never dreamed of, but the information lead to a marketing plan that reached out to dads in a new way. The transactional data you use can be combined with advertising on the Gourmet Ads network to deliver promotions, loss leaders, special sales, and coupons to shoppers who are most likely to be interested in these items.

Supermarket transaction data is a powerful tool for targeted advertising

Transactional data can be collected in order to create customer profiles which are then used to market product to so-called look alike customers. For example, if your supermarket transaction data tells you that shoppers who purchase a particular item are highly likely to purchase another item at the same time, Gourmet Ads can use that information to target customers who look at the first item online with advertisements that offer the second item.

Targeted advertising with Gourmet Ads isn’t just for large scale retailers with locations across the country. Using anonymous data submitted by users as they surf online, Gourmet Ads can display your advertising right to customers in your local area.

The result of combining your collected transactional data with Gourmet Ads wide range of digital advertising tools is relevant, personalized marketing to your customers. The goal of targeted marketing is to make the most of every ad dollar that you spend, and supermarket transaction data allows Gourmet Ads to come up with a more complete picture of your shopper and focus advertising efforts on the customers who are most likely to visit your store.

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