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Co-Op Supermarket Advertising allows Greater Reach on Campaigns

Nearly every supermarket and grocery buying group does some sort of Co-Op Supermarket Advertising. For those that don’t know, Supermarket Co-Op Advertising is when a number of related companies contribute to an advertising campaign by pooling all of their budgets. Usually co-ordinated by the supermarket or grocery retailer, each supplier agrees to pay an agreed amount to be included in the supermarket advertising campaign. The concept is that as a Co-Op they will have far greater reach and response, then if they had to advertise themselves.

Co-Op Advertising creates a win-win scenario for all parties. All the supplying businesses win because and professional advertising campaign and the supplier or manufacturer gets additional branding. Particularly in the USA, Co-Op Supermarket Advertising is already being used to fund online advertising campaigns. Even the largest supermarket chains are using online to not only promote their store but well known brands they carry. We’ve seen this on the wine and beer side as well as advertising for grocery lines in the consumer packages goods space.

Pooling Funds via a Co-Op increases Supermarket Advertising Budgets

Vertical advertising through Gourmet Ads is a great way to maximize the potential of co-op advertising because it offers such a great return on investment opposed to other mediums. With the current state of the economy businesses needs to take advantage of any Supermarket Advertising that is available to them and then use those advertising dollars in the most cost-effective way that will get as many consumers through their doors as possible.

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