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Summer Campaign Ideas

Summer Campaign Ideas

Grocery Buyers will soon be trading in Snow Shovels for BBQ Spatulas

Everyone is turning their focus to the warmer days ahead…and the advertising opportunities to get your brand in front of grocery buyers who will soon be trading in snow shovels for BBQ spatulas, so here a 8 ideas for your Summer Campaigns;

1. Cinco de Mayo Campaign 

Whilst technically not a summer campaign (it is always hot in Mexico!), Cinco de Mayo celebrations are held on the 5th of May and provides bars, restaurants and food brands a chance to cater to this celebration of Mexican culture. Although a Mexican festival, the vibrancy of Mexican cuisine allows for a wide range of products to be advertised for the occasion, especially limes, avocados and beef. For liquor stores, Mexican beer and tequila will be obvious bestsellers. Be sure to research which of your products will be the most popular and run a campaign specifically targeted at those likely to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. To run a campaign at optimal performance, be sure to start running ads in late April. More about Cinco De Mayo

2. Memorial Day Campaign

Memorial Day Weekend flags the start of summer as well as BBQ and Grilling season In backyards across America, barbeques and grills are fired up for the first time after the winter chill. For those in the BBQ business it makes sense to undertake Memorial Day Weekend Advertising to drive sales of products. Ideally your Memorial Day Weekend Advertising should start early to mid-May generating branding and consumer interest initially, then gearing up for increased activity to the few days prior to the Memorial Day Weekend. More about Memorial Day Campaign Ideas

3. Grills & Grilling Accessories Campaign

It will come as no surprise that both Grills and Grilling Accessories usually sell very well in the summertime. In fact, one of Gourmet Ads grilling based clients only runs advertising from mid-May through to mid-September every year and at no other time. In the past few years we’ve found the key to grilling based advertising is education, as many consumers are not confident when it comes to grilling. The other main key to advertising is kicking off at the beginning of May as it starts to warm up.

4. Summer Recipe Competition Campaigns

Running a recipe competition is one of the smartest ways to get grocery buyers thinking about how they can use your ingredients to create new recipes. For the last 20+ years, millions of grocery buyers have been involved with the “Build a Better Burger” Campaign by Sutter Home Wines, either by developing a burger or trying the winner’s recipes!  The benefits of a campaign of this nature are two-fold. Not only does it submerge people into working with your product to come up with cooking ideas, but it also provides you with valuable recipes you can use in your marketing. Use advertising to start the flow of entries paired with a generous prize to encourage participation are two keys to success. Think of the long term value a competition like this could have for your brand.

5. Develop & Advertise Grilling Recipes

Grocery Buyers are always looking for the inspiration for family meals, so think about developing a series of grilling recipes that can be advertised. Well-developed recipes with photographs that make grocery buyers drool, can be the catalyst for a long term relationship with your brand. Both an online and offline strategy, places to promote Grilling Recipes online are; the brand’s website as well as a wide reaching advertising campaign with IAB units as well as Rising Star Units like 300x600s or 970×415 Pushdowns where viewers can interact with the advertising.

6. New Product Launch Campaign

Many brands will take the opportunity of summer to launch their new products, especially if the products can be used on the grill. For brands looking to launch new products, it’s essential to target an audience of engaged grocery buyers to kick start supermarket sales. Apart from a wide ranging display advertising campaign, a great way get the attention of grocery buyers is to offer something of value like a downloadable Summer Recipe Guide or a discount coupon.

7. Co-Branded Campaign

There are some foods that just naturally go together, think of peanut butter and jelly, coffee and cream, or rum and Coke they are all opportunities for Co-Branding. Over the summer period we tend to see increased co-branding campaigns, especially with Meat and Sauces, Salads and Dressings as well as Grills and Accessories. Is there a companion brand of yours, that you could work with to leverage each other’s loyal customer base for the combined gain of sales? You never know where a short term campaign might take you.

8. More Food Advertising Ideas

If you’re looking for more Food Advertising Ideas or Campaign Advertising Ideas, check out our range of whitepapers for instant download. The Gourmet Ads Advertising White Papers and Guides provide marketers, brand advertisers and advertising agencies essential information, tips and advice on running food and wine related advertising programs online.

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