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Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping Cart Abandonment

For those that don’t know, shopping cart abandonment is when a visitor initiates your checkout process but leaves before completing their purchase. The issue of shopping cart abandonment is constantly measured and tweaked by nearly every ecommerce site in the world, because increasing the conversion rate can boost revenue significantly. There are dozens of “on the page” things that can be done, but in reality potential consumers will always abandon the checkout process.

Reasons which contribute to Shopping Cart Abandonment include;

  • Just browsing and had no intention of purchasing anyway
  • Product prices were too high
  • Didn’t have the product, model, colour size etc
  • Shipping costs were too high
  • Desired product was out of stock
  • Wasn’t 100% comfortable with the store
  • Checkout process was simply to complicated
  • Checkout requires too much personal information
  • Site requires registration before purchase
  • Shopping Cart didn’t work properly or they encountered errors
  • Didn’t have a valid SSL certificate
  • Didn’t take preferred credit card type

So apart from on page changes what can be done to decrease the rate of abandonment and increase the rate of successful transactions? Using Gourmet Ads wide range of campaign targeting options; we can develop a comprehensive retargeting campaign that will bring back potential consumers and increase your conversion rate.

So as an example, Gourmet Ads currently works with a mid sized ecommerce store which retails a wide range of gourmet food products and delivers around the world. When a visitor goes to the site, Gourmet Ads strategically drops session cookies throughout the checkout process. These are dropped at key times such as;

1.    Everyone that visits the site
2.    Everyone that visits the site via clicking on an advertisement
3.    Everyone that adds an item to the basket
4.    Everyone that clicked the checkout button, but doesn’t complete the transaction.
5.    Everyone that makes a successful purchase

The Gourmet Food store then has long term campaigns running with Gourmet Ads which runs appropriate advertising campaign depending on where consumers are in the buying cycle. So for example someone that simply visits the site may then see an ad with messaging such as signup for our newsletter and get free shipping on your next order. But the best converting ads are the ones who have clicked the checkout button but didn’t complete the transaction. These consumers will see ads for major incentives such as 30% off your order, Two for One or free shipping.

These principles aren’t just for online gourmet food stores; they can be applied to any other ecommerce site or lead generation site. So if you run a food or wine ecommerce store and haven’t developed a consumer retargeting campaign for your site to minimize shopping cart abandonment, then contact us and we’ll help you develop a strategy that will get sales and revenue up.


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