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Seniors Do Grocery Shopping

Seniors Do Grocery Shopping

Seniors are turning to the internet to do their Grocery Shopping

Watch out kids, the internet isn’t just for you anymore. According to recent reports, more seniors are turning to the internet to shop for everything from clothes to groceries. In the USA, as more baby boomers become senior citizens, researchers estimate that there will be more than fifteen million members of the sixty five plus crowd surfing the web. This population represents a significant opportunity for retailers to appeal to an older demographic in a new way.

Grocery retailers are particularly always on the lookout for new markets, trying to expand into new territories to reach new markets, but the senior population is an untouched market that exists right under our noses on the internet. Seniors control roughly seventy percent of the nation’s disposable income, and they currently spend more than seven billion dollars online each year. With the growing number of tech savvy seniors, that number is sure to continue growing in the next few years.

One such opportunity that many retailers are missing out on is the popularity of Online Grocery Shopping with delivery for seniors. As running errands becomes more difficult for elderly shoppers, the ability to purchase groceries online and have them delivered directly to their home is an attractive option. Grocery stores who offer this service will quickly develop a loyal following.

Another significant market segment for seniors is health, beauty, and pharmaceutical items. While many of these are items traditionally associated with old age, the convenience of having these items delivered to their doorsteps can bring new senior customers to online vendors. Bringing these customers to your website is still best done through traditional media such as television, print, and mail, but senior customers are usually repeat buyers. Seniors, generally speaking, are not only experienced shoppers, they are also more likely to take their time when making purchases. Websites that offer a good selection that is easy to navigate are more likely to attract repeat buyers.

Making customer service easily accessible via phone is important in retaining senior buyers. Offering a section of your site dedicated to senior shoppers can help bring in older visitors. If you choose to include such a section, ensure that it offers useful information and discounts. Tailor images in this section to your senior customers without being patronizing to make the information more appealing.

Don’t miss out on is the popularity of online Grocery Shopping with delivery for seniors

Advertising campaigns aimed at bringing senior citizens online should be sure to provide their web address where it is easily accessible to seniors, and may even consider offering information about how to access and navigate the site. Because many seniors are still uncomfortable with the internet, websites that are seen as having credibility and strong security features are also more attractive to seniors.

Creating an ad campaign that will bring seniors to your website requires a little more time and effort than less specialized advertising, but the loyalty of elder buyers will make the extra work worthwhile. Remember that the traditional methods of attracting senior buyers also apply to online retail.

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