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RTB Pricing

RTB Pricing

RTB allows you to bid for inventory relevant to your company

RTB or “Real Time Bidding” is a method of online bidding which offers advertisers the opportunity to buy specific impressions. As most advertisers will be used to the concept of paying per 1000 impressions (a system otherwise known as “CPM”), RTB instead allows you to bid for inventory relevant to your company. RTB offers many advantages including data capabilities, frequency capping and control, control over placement and scale.

Data Capabilities – The collection of data is the main appeal of using RTB. Buying data using a RTB media platform means that you can see the types of audience you are advertising to before you make your purchase. First and third party data are important to take into consideration – the data that your own company collects about your specific demographic (first party data) may not be enough to target them well. By using third party data, you can get impressions only from people who are likely to be interested in or are likely to buy your product.

Frequency Capping and Control – Showing the same advert to the same person over and over means that you are wasting money, RTB allows you to place frequency caps on your ads so that it only appears to your desired consumer a set amount of times during 24 hours. Having control over this ensures a more cost effective ad campaign.

Control over Placement – RTB also allows you to appropriately target your chosen demographic. Having control over your ad placement means that you can decide where your ad would best be seen on a display network. However, contextual targeting would allow your ad to be displayed next to subject matter relevant to your ad; this means that ads will only be displayed next to content which is similar to your ad.

Scale – Buying bulk impressions can be one of the most costly parts of an ad campaign, but by using RTB platforms you can reduce your ad spend and still target your ideal consumer. Instead of placing a fixed insert order, you are simply bidding at your maximum bid so that you can purchase relevant data and ad space.

Gourmet Ads Marketplace allows the advertiser to buy on RTB basis

By using retargeting, the Gourmet Ads Marketplace (Private Ad Exchange) allows the advertiser to buy on a RTB basis. RTB traders can use the Private Ad Exchange platform to purchase impressions according to real time targeting. This allows you to effectively optimise your ad campaign and customise your ads to tailor them to your target consumers’ needs.

Using RTB to ensure the customisation of an ad means that you are making the most of your advertising budget, increasing sales, targeting specific users and giving yourself control over your ad – all essential components of running a successful ad campaign.

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