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Restaurant Advertising is vital to get customers in

Perfecting your menu, hiring the right staff and opening your brand new restaurant is often not enough to get customers walking through our doors. If you really want to increase customers and get everyone excited about coming to you for food, it is vital to consider restaurant advertising.

Marketing is crucial for restaurants to reach their target audiences and create a buzz. Consumers are not interested in advertising unless it is personal or relevant to them; therefore traditional forms of advertising have become almost obsolete, especially when it comes to dining options – after all, who is going to come to your restaurant just because you tell them to? Restaurant advertising is all about creating excitement; maybe introduce discount vouchers and get customers interested in your establishment.

Advertising on Gourmet Ads can help you reach your targeted audience through the geo targeting advert campaigns. Geo targeting basically means that specific adverts are tagged. This means they appear for specific people in certain geographical locations. By doing this, your adverts are not being displayed to people who will totally disregard them instead they are getting shown to consumers that may be interested in your restaurant!

Loyalty of customers is what makes you money, and if you get a good ‘fan’ base of customers that keep coming back for more, revenues will inevitably increase. Beyond just clicks and conversions, Gourmet Ads online display banner ads are perfect for establishing your company as a brand and increasing your loyal customer base.

Restaurant advertising is all about connecting with the right customer at the right time and engaging them emotionally in what you are promoting. By using Gourmet Ads display ads for restaurant advertising, we can then use web analytics to track consumers and see if the advertising had a positive impact on promoting your brand.

Consider Pre Roll Videos for restaurant advertising

Gourmet Ads supports a wide range of advertising campaigns and provides platforms for display ads and pre roll video ads to give you as many options as you like. Display advertising can come in many different forms, and web banners are often the most common form of advertising a product, brand or company. If you think a web banner might be the most effective way of attracting customers, this could be the perfect option for you.

Pre roll advertising on the other hand is ideal for advertisers (although 49.7% of consumers who were asked said they would not sit through a pre roll if they had a choice!). With Youtube and some other video sites offering ‘skippable’ pre roll ads, spending advertising money on those seems rather pointless, but a good pre roll before a relevant video clip that a potential customer watches may well grab their attention.

So, as you can see, restaurant advertising is all about relevance and relating to your customer – if they feel like a message is more personal to them, you are more likely to get further with them, and once you have their attention you can then develop this into a relationship with a potential consumer.

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