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Research Online then Purchase Offline

Research Online Purchase Offline

Most Grocery Buyers Research Online then Purchase Offline

When did you last buy beef stock, noodles, milk or meat online? Last week? Last month? Never?

Often you will find that consumers don’t really buy their groceries online but instead use the internet to research different products and prices and then go to their local supermarket to buy. It’s a bit of a mystery as to why this is – people quite happily buy electronics or beauty products online but when it comes to food, consumers are reluctant to click the ‘buy’ button.

The concept of online shopping is most popular in Asia where over 77% of consumers were happy to buy their week’s food online, whereas America a much smaller 20% said they would be willing to do so. A safe assumption is that people like to see the product that they are buying. The whole shopping ‘experience’ can also be enjoyable for many people as they feel like they won’t be missing out on special offers if they go directly to the store.

Now, although you may not be able to convince all consumers that grocery shopping online is the best thing for them, you can appeal to the ROPO phenomenon. This basically stands for ‘Research Online / Purchase Offline’ and it is all about appealing to those who prefer to do their shopping themselves, with a little help from the internet for research.

Online Advertising is important to the Research Online then Purchase Offline style of Grocery Shopping

This is where online advertising is highly important. The Research Online then Purchase Offline style of shopping is a method many grocery buyers use, and by advertising your products online, you are not only creating brand awareness, you are also contributing to the ‘research online’ side of their shopping. By the time they’ve got the store they will already have your product or brand in mind.

Advertisers can take advantage of the Research Online then Purchase Offline phenomenon to increase their offline sales. By constantly generating more brand awareness for the consumer, you are instantly generating a connection between you and the shopper. With online advertising to promote offline grocery shopping, it is no longer about click through rates and conversions; the focus is now on the physical sales in store.

The Gourmet Ads network of sites offers an ideal platform to reach grocery buyers online, prior to them heading to the grocery store. By using analytics to monitor consumer buying habits, or geo targeting to ensure you are showing relevant ads to relevant consumers, you can generate more sales.

With the use of appropriately placed, relevant ads, you will be able to see an increase in offline revenue via the use of online advertising.

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