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Removing Websites

Removing Websites

With campaign performance and return on investment high on our focus for advertisers, we’ve today removed two publishers (a blog and a website) that just haven’t been performing for our advertisers. It might sound peculiar for an advertising network to remove sites, but we felt it was in the best interest for all our advertisers.

It isn’t unusual for Gourmet Ads to remove sites from a campaign because they are not performing. In fact that’s the way we optimize campaigns by removing either an ad unit from a campaign or a publisher from a campaign. However this is the first time we’ve decided to systematically remove publishers from the Gourmet Ads network.

In the current economic climate, many advertisers are now looking for a combination of both branding and performance campaigns. With this in mind, it’s not only important for us to provide a relevant vertical in the food or wine space, but a platform that is geared for return on investment.

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