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Recipes using Rich Media

Recipes using Rich Media

Rich Media is a great way to Market Ingredients and Recipes.

Recipes using rich media and featured online provide an excellent opportunity for smart product placement by food and kitchenware manufacturers. Imagine flash videos in a medium rectangle 300×250 island advertising space where a cook or chef prepares a recipe using your featured product or products.

The product being demonstrated could be a food ingredient, cooking utensil, cookware or kitchen appliance. This rich media advertising is then supported by branding ads in other locations on the page. People love making recipes they have seen on video and almost unconsciously choose the same brands they saw used in the video. After all, using another brand may not produce the same results and consumers want their recipe to be perfect.

Using rich media to create recipe videos has another advantage over other types of ads: it comes across as “friendly advice” rather than a blatant sales pitch and that makes potential customers more at ease and more likely to purchase your brand. Let’s face it, competition in the food market is tough and you need to take advantage of every possible angle if you want to survive. Recipes featured in rich media cooking videos offer a valuable service to customers while branding your product as the best choice of ingredients when preparing the recipe.

Another advantage of recipes using rich media is that they make a firmer impression in a customer’s mind. The customer is seeing and hearing about the product and is more likely to remember the brand used than in one-dimensional ads alone. The rich media and online ads can also be tied in with in-store displays to further solidify the branding of your food product, utensils or cookware.

Recipes videos cooked in rich media presentations are sure to leave a positive impression

Recipes videos cooked in rich media presentations are sure to leave a favourable impression on potential customers and increase your ROI for your online advertising.

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