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Influence Grocery Buyers with Branded Recipes

For brands looking to influence grocery buyers online, there are two real options.

  • The first is the spray and pray method, derived from a military term for not aiming, but firing in the general direction. The best illustration of this is where brands book say the home page of a portal for a day. Apart from reaching just the household grocery buyer, you reach the father, son, daughter, grand father, social gamer, automotive enthusiast and technophile. Not really the best form of efficiently if you’re trying to reach the grocery buyer
  • The second method is to work with a media company, such as Gourmet Ads who not only understands how to reach the grocery buyer online, but specializes in reaching the grocery buyer online. When you start targeting a niche like the grocery buyer, sure the reach isn’t anywhere near as huge, but the upside is the spend is less and the media is much more efficient than reaching everyone on the internet.

Why do we know how to reach the grocery buyer online? Easy. Over the past few years we’ve developed a vast community of recipes sites and food blogs featuring recipes, and we’ve worked hard to ensure that our ads run close or nearby recipes online. We even work with recipe search engines. This is where meal decisions are made and grocery shopping lists are developed.

We reach Grocery Buyers via a vast community of Recipes Site and Food Blogs

Because reaching grocery buyers online is all we do their isn’t any deviation from the focus. Sure we have a strong female demographic, but we don’t have lifestyle sites, beauty sites or gossip, we only do food and more specially recipes online. This is great if you’re marketing food products with the aim of increasing sales.

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Gourmet Ads is a food advertising network which helps brands reach the grocery buyer online through premium and high visibility ad solutions on a CPM basis.


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