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Recipe Widgets

Recipe Widgets

Recipe Widgets are a way of increasing User Engagement with your Brand

When brand name ingredients are used in a recipe, the chance of consumers purchasing the product either online or offline is considerably high. I believe this is for two reasons. Firstly because the consumer now understands how the product can be used. Secondly, because they fear they if they don’t follow the recipe, it won’t work out properly.

So with this in mind, the challenge for food brands is to develop strategies on how they can deliver recipes direct to consumers, each and everyday, whilst being consistent. Sure you can create a recipe database on your brand’s website, and drive traffic back to particular recipes, but this can be hit and miss.

For maximum consumer penetration, recipes have to be in front of consumers where they are engaged and researching recipes and developing their shopping grocery list. So one such strategy is to develop recipe widgets or rich media unit which use your brand and product in every recipe. These recipe widgets can deliver all the recipes from the website in a 300×250 ad unit size. Consumers could search and even deliver their shopping list all from recipe widgets directly. They could even bookmark recipes they like or even rate them. With recent changes to flash, we can also stream video from the recipe widgets, the ideas are endless.

Recipe Widgets can be delivered right across sites in Gourmet Ads for Maximum Reach

Recipe widgets can be delivered via our existing ad network seamlessly offering maximum penetration on our premium websites and blogs. We can track engagements, displays, click throughs etc just like a regular ad unit.

Gourmet Ads is flexible in our pricing for recipe widgets as we believe that widgets are a long term branding strategy. Apart from production costs, we can either price them on a CPM basis or fixed quarterly, 6 months or even annually. Depending on the complexity, Gourmet Ads can even develop recipe widgets.

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