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Recipe Video Advertising

Recipe Video Advertising is Growing in Popularity Everyday

With the popularity of well known cooking shows and celebrity chefs, we’ve seen a growing trend of recipe video content being produced and made available for online consumption. Across the internet there’s Recipe Videos from celebrity chefs, cookbook authors, chefs, foodies and moms available and the consumption of this media is growing every day.

People can now not only watch recipes before going to the grocery store, but they can also watch the recipe in the kitchen while they are preparing the dish. As such there is a tremendous opportunity for food companies and grocery stores to run video advertising before, during and after video recipes targeting the household Grocery Buyer.

A dedicated Recipe Video Advertising Solution

So now, Gourmet Ads has developed a dedicated Video Advertising Solution for Recipe and Food Content. We’ve got some great video recipes from Food Bloggers through to professionally shot recipe and food content across a number of sites.

By running before recipe videos you can make an impact. We typically run a 30 second or 15 seconds Pre Roll Video spot before the video recipe. In addition and to encourage the click through after the video has finished we serve a 300×250 companion ad, often close by the video player unit.

In terms of Pre Roll Video Creative, we can actually take your existing TV Commercials and run them online making the transition from TV to Online very easy for your media team. Many advertising agencies are re-purposing TV creative for Pre Roll Video.

Because Gourmet Ads only works with food and more specially recipe websites, we’re able to deliver a very targeted audience of house grocery buyers. This is great if you’re tasked with marketing food and wine products or driving people to your chain of grocery stores. To learn more about Gourmet Ads Recipe Video Advertising Solutions, then contact us.

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