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Recipe Competitions Build Brands

Recipe Competitions Build Brands

Creating recipe competitions to promote products

In order to promote their products, companies often get into creating recipe competitions and “cook offs”. Instead of just using traditional forms of advertising such as radio, TV or print, brands are starting to use more recipe competitions to make their products more appealing to consumers.

Cook offs and recipe competitions can appeal to a wide audience. Not only are food enthusiast drawn in by this style of advertising, but so are home cooks, bakers, and many grocery buyers too. It’s a great way of getting the public to take an active role in doing something related to your brand, and also allows brands to try something new with their own products.

Getting Consumers Involved

If you want to reach out to food lovers all over the world, Gourmet Ads’ network of sites is ideal as it has a wide reach of food enthusiasts and home cooks who you can target. By promoting your recipe competitions on Gourmet Ads, you can reach out to these food lovers who like to experiment with their food. By pushing the involvement of your consumers, you can make them feel part of something bigger. Instead of just being able to create new recipes in their own kitchen, this is a chance for them to get a bit of recognition and a great way to create a buzz around your brand and product.

Helping Your Brand Get more Ideas

Using recipe competitions to promote your brand can not only benefit the consumer and make them feel a good connection with your product; it can also establish an element of trust for your brand as well. Your consumers in a way do a lot of the work for you! They will see it as an opportunity to show off their creative streak and get rewarded for it, whereas you can use their new recipe to your advantage. Newer products can branch from their new ideas which could turn into a new product in the future.

Types of Competition and Prizes

Recipe competitions generally have deadlines, but some are also only available to professionals, and some may even be ongoing (e.g. weekly recipe competitions). Gift cards, coupons, cash, kitchen equipment or a year’s supply of your product are popular prizes for such contests.

Depending on the timescale of your competition, you can adjust the size of the prize accordingly. If you are a small company that thinks running an ongoing monthly competition, a cash “Grand prize” and a smaller First Prize might seem like the sensible option. The prize needs to be appealing enough to get plenty of entries yet not so amazing that you find yourself out of pocket!

Brand awareness through recipe competitions

Overall, recipe competitions are there to celebrate originality and creativity, and to give great opportunities and prizes to those who deserve them. Not only are they great for the consumer, but recipe competitions and contests are also a fantastic way of boosting brand awareness and credibility too.

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