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Reaching Working Moms

Reaching Working Moms

Everyone knows that all moms work tirelessly, but working moms are additionally time poor. So apart from the daily grind at the office, there is the cleaning at home, getting kids to school, cooking and the grocery buying. Because working moms have more on their plate than most, reaching them can be difficult.

Because working moms are time poor, reaching them at keys times they are online is essential which is why advertising on Gourmet Ads is essential for reaching working moms. It could be from either home or work, but working moms use the internet to research on meal ideas and look for recipes. They’ll be seeking recipes which are quick and easy. It’s here where Gourmet Ads can help create the engagement with working moms.

Reaching working moms successfully can boost sales for your products. Be sure to advertise with a network which reaches working moms, and then ensure you create specific campaigns aimed at working moms. Campaign ideas that would strike a cord with working moms include;

  • Food Products that will save time (pre-prepared sides for example)
  • Ingredients which featured easy to cook recipes (packed cake mixes)
  • Coupons which will provide discounts off food items and household items
  • Home Delivery services

Don’t forget working moms will still be interested in healthy food options for the family, so don’t neglect this in your creative messaging.

If you’re interested in advertising to working moms, then Gourmet Ads can help you reach your target audience.

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