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What Is A Quality Food Site?

What is a Quality Food Site ?

A quality Recipe, Cooking or Food Site is a combination of many factors

Here at Gourmet Ads we’re regularly asked “what is a quality food site?”. It’s not a simple answer, but we’ll try to illustrate here what we believe a quality food site is.

Since we started, we’ve seen a raft of food sites come through our publisher application process. Some food sites are fantastic and others are to be honest, complete garbage.

Gourmet Ads has always had strict eligibility criteria when it comes to approving food and recipe websites as publishers. We also recently released an internal website scoring process to help us identify great food website from the lousy ones.

To begin with first and foremost and at a very top level, quality food sites have to have original content, with new and refreshing content added regularly. We like to see user engagement on the site like commenting, voting or of course Likes around content.

What goes into classifying a quality food site ?

From an advertisers perspective, these are the features we consider as a minimum for a site to be called a quality food site in our mind and thus included in Gourmet Ads ;

  • Compelling content that is updated regularly – daily or twice weekly at a minimum
  • A top level domain name (relevant company name that ends in “.com” or similar country level domain like
  • Well-designed site and not a simple template
  • A maximum of 3 ads per webpage
  • 2 Ads placed above the fold
  • Well indexed by search engines
  • High Google page ranking best essay au
  • Interact and engage with your audience

Each day we’re seeking out quality food sites to be part of Gourmet Ads. It’s the company’s mission to incorporate quality food sites within our network, so the ad campaigns reach out to the right audience.


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