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Q4 Advertising Packages

Q4 Advertising Packages

Our Q4 Advertising Packages include High Visibility Ad Units

From our blog yesterday about Q4 Advertising Campaigns, we thought we should publish a second blog about Q4, however the focus today is about our Q4 Advertising Packages. Over the past 3 years, the Gourmet Ads reach during Q4 has increases approximately by 20-25% compared to throughout the year. As such, this is a great time to book campaigns as the audience numbers increase.

Altogether we’ve got very different types of Q4 Advertising packages available on Gourmet Ads, each of them not only feature extremely competitive CPM rates on display ads, but they include high visibility ad units which are ideal for any food company or CPG advertiser who wants to reach the main household grocery buyer.

Highlights of the Q4 Advertising packages include;

  • 1-day Roadblock sponsorships with Premium IAB placements
  • 300×250 in-banner video supported with Premium IAB placements
  • Brand Over the Page Takeovers with Premium IAB placements
  • Background Skins with Premium IAB placements
  • Pre Roll Video with 300×250 Companions

Also if you don’t have creative assets, Gourmet Ads can help develop these for you.

In terms of Value Add, depending on your budget, we can provide a varying level of value add such as brand pages and other long term creative placements.

So if you’re tasked with running advertising campaigns aimed at getting in front of grocery buyers and household decision makers, then Contact Us for a copy of the Gourmet Ads Q4 Advertising Packages.

If on the other hand you know the type of campaign you’d like to run, Request a Proposal from our team or Download our Media Kit for more information.


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