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Q4 Advertising Campaigns

Q4 Advertising Campaigns

For the team at Gourmet Ads, the fourth quarter (or Q4 as some say) is very much considered the business end of the year for us. It’s when many food, wine and grocery companies begin their advertising campaigns, having reserved the majority of their annual advertising budget for the last 3 months of the year.

For many of our advertisers, their campaigns are centred on key dates which revolve around consumers either buying food and wine or shopping / shopping online. These key advertising days include;

Apart from the days themselves, another key reason for advertising in Q4 is the traffic to foods sites and in particular recipe sites peak. Year on year, publishers during Q4 tend to see an increase of approximately 20-25% compared to throughout the year. There’s the obvious environmental reasons such as cold weather outside encourages people to stay in and go online. But add to this, the volume of consumers who are searching for recipes increases greatly during this period. As such because the traffic across the Gourmet Ads network grows during this period, we also increase our overall reach of the network. Which means that advertising at this time of the year allows you to capture, influence and engage audiences online, increasing sales and revenue.

So it makes sense that if you’re tasked with marketing your food brands, wines or grocery stores during Q4, then you need to start media planning and media buying right now.



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