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Publishing Branded Recipes

Publishing Branded Recipes

Branded Recipes are Recipes featuring your Brand’s own Ingredients

One of the most consistent findings in research about today’s consumers shows that they are constantly on the lookout for new ways to prepare meals for their families. Grocery Buyers spend time searching for new recipes, and companies who can provide smart recipe ideas see sales of their products increase. Most grocery buyers unknowingly create associations between brands and favorite recipes- for example, Rice Krispies Treats, Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies or Chex Party Mix. These recipes are among the favorites in many kitchens, and each time a customer decides to cook one of these foods, they purchase items from specific manufacturers and improve the reputation of the brand. These kitchen favorites are known as branded recipes, and are one of the most effective marketing tools you can use.

Creating branded recipes is simpler than you may think. In many cases, it is as easy as publishing a recipe on your website. For a recipe to have maximum impact, it should be accompanied by a picture, tempting viewers to try out a new recipe that uses your product. Traditionally, recipes that don’t have a picture are far less successful, making a good food “photo shoot” an important part of the recipe. For those companies who are ready to take the idea one step further, creating a video that describes how to make the dish can be a fun, interactive addition to your website. Recipe ideas can also be incorporated into print or media advertising, product packaging, or in-store displays to reach a larger audience.

Consumers Trust Branded Recipes

Once you have decided to try using a branded recipe for your product, the question becomes what recipe to use. While there are test kitchens and other services available that can help you come up with ideas, you can use the process of finding the perfect recipe to bring attention to your product. Today’s consumer is often very food-savvy, and you can use their interest in food to come up with the perfect recipe idea. One idea is to hold a recipe contest, asking your consumers to come up with ideas for the best recipe using your product. Allow customers to test out the recipe and vote for their favorite, or arrange a judging of top entries to select a winning recipe. You may also consider creating a recipe booklet full of ideas using your product to distribute to customers. Remember to test out each recipe yourself to ensure that it makes good use of your product and highlights the benefits of using your brand.

Another idea is to take advantage of the celebrity chef trend. From Iron Chef to Paula Dean, there are a large number of big-name chefs who may be willing to endorse your brand by creating a special recipe just for you. Think about the product you are selling and which popular chefs would best represent that idea. Once you have the endorsement of a celebrity chef, you can use your newly branded recipe along with images of that chef to promote your product in a number of ways. Many shoppers are also dedicated food television watchers, so a recipe created by a certain chef that endorses your brand can be a great way to bring new consumers to your product.

Once you’ve published Branded Recipes on your site, Gourmet Ads can develop a wide reaching advertising campaign to drive grocery buyers to the site. Ask for ideas how else you can use Branded Recipes.

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