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Product Sales and Geo Targeting

Product Sales and Geo Targeting

Geo Targeting ensures campaigns only reaching the geographical area intended

For the most part, advertisers on Gourmet Ads use Geo Targeting to target their campaigns to ensure they are “on target” i.e. only reaching the geographical area intended. Apart from national targeting, many advertisers target states, cities or even DMAs. Every campaign which runs on Gourmet Ads has at a minimum country targeting.

Recently one of our long term clients decided to start geo targeting differently to most advertisers and we thought we should share their strategy. Our client manufactures food products which are available nationally across the USA. They sell their products at supermarkets and grocery stores and support this with regular display advertising. Till recently our client only implemented geo targeting on a national basis. Recently they started using geo targeting differently.

What they begin doing was Geo Targeting specific locations where;

  1. sales of products are below the national average
  2. where their products were newly available in stores

By taking this strategic geo targeting approach to campaigns, allows them to run in areas most required to drive brand awareness and sales. Opposed to replying on the national branding campaign that runs every day of the week, this campaign is focused.

Their national advertising strategy of buying on an annual basis hasn’t changed. In addition, they are now buying these new geo targeted campaigns on a monthly basis and changing the targeting as required.

This strategy of geo targeting locations where sales are lower will work for any CPG product being advertisers as well as industries which are location based.

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