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President’s Day Advertising

President's Day Advertising

Reach Shoppers with President’s Day Advertising

One of the first big retail shopping weekends of the year is President’s Day and most retailers offer significant savings off products. To achieve great high sales it’s essential that your President’s Day Advertising campaign includes a wide reaching digital aspect to drive consumers to both your online store or bricks and mortar stores.

For those that don’t know, Presidents Day was originally known as Washington’s Birthday in honor of the first US president, George Washington’s birthday on February 22, 1732. President’s Day is a federal holiday in the United States and is generally celebrated on the third Monday of February.

Ideally your President’s Day Advertising should launch about 2 weeks prior to Presidents Day weekend on or about the 7th or 8th of February and should be wide reaching initially. Then about the 10th or 11th of February you should start running higher visibility units such as Floating Ads or Intersitial Advertising to gain attention, then rely on regular display throughout the network.

President’s Day Advertising should launch about 2 weeks prior to Presidents Day

President Day Weekend is a great weekend for discounts, so make sure that your offers are exceptional. Remember your competitors will be in the market too undertaking President’s Day Advertising of their own. So have a clear offering in order to stand out.

So no matter if your advertising campaign has a national focus or local focus, Gourmet Ads can deliver your President’s Day Advertising to your target demographic.

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