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Gourmet Ads Receives Top 10 Rank in Pixalate’s RTB Global Seller Trust Index




Programmatic analytics pioneer, Pixalate, recently released the industry’s first comprehensive RTB quality rating standard, the Global Seller Trust Index, as a step forward in recognizing RTB quality across a holistic range of data including fraud and viewability. Gourmet Ads was among top performers as number 6 in the list.

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“Over the last 12 months we’ve invested heavily in educating publishers around quality – we’ve focused squarely on high viewability, high impact, and streamlining our recruitment process to avoid onboarding “bad players”. We’re proud that these efforts have landed us in the top 10,” founder Benjamin Christie notes.

Through our partnership with Pixalate, publishers are able to access viewability ratings, now standing between 60-80%, a significant jump from the lower double digits Gourmet Ads was pulling before incorporating Pixalate’s data, and advertisers can take advantage of high viewability placements for maximized campaign performance.

“Our 86 viewability ranking is a clear indicator that our focus on publisher education and access to real-time data has paid off,” says Christie. “Our fraud ranking is a testament to our zero tolerance approach to fraud as well – we’ve expelled nearly 25 bad sites over the last 12 months.”

pixalateThe Global Seller Trust Index is based upon Pixalate’s proprietary technology that analyzes more than 100 billion monthly impressions and delivers ratings based upon inventory quality and ad performance, along with classic reach ranking. Pixalate will release the Global Seller Trust Index report of the top 20 performers from more than 400 active RTB sellers to the public monthly.

“Pixalate is very pleased to announce the Global Seller Trust Index as an important step forward in bringing transparency to RTB,” said Jalal Nasir, founder and chief executive officer, Pixalate. “We are committed to meeting the need for accurate, independent ratings that provide a benchmarking standard based on quality. We congratulate Gourmet Ads for the achievement of a top rating, and encourage all sellers to invest in quality management.”


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