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Pitchmen on Discovery

Pitchmen on Discovery

Billy Mays & Anthony Sullivan star in Pitchmen on Discovery Channel

If you’ve ever watched a infomercial in the USA, then you’ve definitely heard the phrase “Hi I’m Billy Mays for”…whatever product he is selling. Most know him from talking and pitching the oxiClean products. There is no doubt that Billy Mays is considered the most successful direct-response salesman in TV history and together with Anthony Sullivan of Swivel Sweeper fame they host the new show Pitchmen on Discovery Channel.

The show Pitchmen is about how Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan find products to sell on TV, how they make the infomercial and then how it performs. I am surprised at two things from the show. Firstly how simple and inexpensive their process is from start to finish. They talk on the show about how they book TV media and it had me thinking why doesn’t Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan use the internet to sell their products as well..

The show Pitchmen is about how Billy Mays & Anthony Sullivan find products to sell on TV

Taking a hypothetical view, if Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan came to Gourmet Ads with a product what could we put together for them? First off, undertaking an online campaign offers a far more cost effective way of reaching target audiences. As we reach a female demographic aged 27-55, I would only be focus on advertising products aimed at this demographic.

So if Gourmet Ads were doing a proposal to Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan we would offer the following advertising over a month to drive sales of the products.

Campaign Name : Make an Impact and Sales

For the period of a month, we would create an Over the Page campaign playing the infomercial video as soon as a consumer hits a website within our network. The creative would load over the top of the website and automatically play the video. Consumers would see it once per day or once every two days.

To support this, we would then take the infomercials and create them into a Medium rectangle sized ad unit (300 x 250). We would traffic these ads across our entire network of sites and have them play on load. Rich media campaigns like these create an impact and drive engagement.

Finally, priced at less than the rich media prices we would traffic Leaderboard, skyscrapers of the ads across the network to support the video activity. These could be expandable ad units to continue the impactful strategy.

You don’t have to be the Pitchmen Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan to run this sort of advertising campaigns with Gourmet Ads. We can develop a customized advertising campaign like this for every advertiser, designed to get results, just like Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan on the Pitchmen.

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