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Supermarkets with Chemists should consider Pharmaceutical Advertising

Grocery consumers turn to their local supermarket for more than milk and bread. More customers are taking advantage of the convenience of supermarket pharmacies in order to have their prescriptions filled. Over the counter medicine is another important grocery item, with shoppers picking up everything from pain relievers to acid reducers along with their weekly grocery list. As customers move away from traditional pharmacies for their pharmaceutical needs, it makes sense for pharmaceutical companies to find ways to reach consumers where they shop.

The Gourmet Ads audience is made up of shoppers who are the primary decision makers in their homes, and who do a majority of the purchasing of pharmaceutical items. That’s why reaching consumers through our network of websites makes sense for companies that sell pharmaceutical products. Gourmet Ads can help you place pharmaceutical advertising for your products on websites that are browsed by the same customers that are most likely to buy your products.

Women’s magazines have historically been a smart advertising move, and Gourmet Ads websites are the digital equivalent of those magazines, reaching many of the same consumers. Women who browse magazines that appeal to cooking, fashion, and lifestyle are the very customers who visit Gourmet Ads sites. Our network includes recipe websites, sites that offer videos on cooking, user submitted recipe sites, recipe-specific search engines, cooking forums, and food blogs. Consumers who visit our sites online are repeat visitors that report coming back to visit the site again and again.

When these customers visit our sites, we have a number of options available for highlighting pharmaceutical goods, such as traditional banner ads, floating ads, interstitial ads, and over the page ads, all of which encourage customer engagement and can make consumers eager to learn more about your products. Gourmet Ads also has the ability to place video ads, such as those developed as television commercials, on our sites. Posting video ads means that you can get more bang for your buck from previously created material. The traffic that you will get through the Gourmet Ads network is highly targeted, meaning you are more likely to have consumers click on your ad for more information.

Direct-to-consumer Pharmaceutical Advertising has been very successful

Pharmaceutical manufacturers already know that pharmaceutical advertising works, bringing in customers who may not have asked their doctor about a prescription medication without having seen it advertised. And customers who do speak to their physician about a particular medication are likely to get a prescription. Viewing your ad on one of our websites can help educate consumers about what you have to offer, creating informed customers who are more likely to ask their doctor about a particular medication or purchase an over the counter product. If you would like to offer customers a coupon or voucher that they can turn in for a trial prescription or savings on a particular medication, Gourmet Ads can include a printable coupon along with your advertisements.

Appealing to online consumers as part of your pharmaceutical advertising campaign is a smart way to reach the customers who want to buy your products. Gourmet Ads can place your pharmaceutical advertising at the fingertips of the customers you want to reach.

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