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Pasta Advertising

Reach Grocery Buyers with your Pasta Advertising

Nothing says traditional Italy than a good bowl of delicious pasta, and it has been around since 1st century AD. Pasta has evolved tremendously in recent years and with so many varieties available, it is no wonder this staple food is popular in practically every country across the world.

With many years to evolve and so many varieties out there (there are more than 350 types of dried pasta alone), there has been a sudden increase in some newer pasta varieties:

  • handcrafted
  • whole grain
  • whole wheat
  • gluten free
  • brown rice

With new handcrafted (fresh) pasta types appearing on the market, Gourmet Ads is here to help handcrafted pasta brands stand out. Not only is fresh pasta easier to cook – it tastes great too!

Rather than spending a large budget on traditional advertising methods such as radio, TV or print, Gourmet Ads can create a successful pasta advertising campaign for pasta companies to reach target audiences online One such pasta advertising campaign idea is contextually targeting your advertising to anyone searching for pasta on We’ve run very successful campaigns targeting all types of pasta shapes, sauces and pasta dishes. Advertising pasta is likely to be successful with all generations too – pasta is an essential grain needed in all diets and now with a more health conscious population doing their grocery shopping, they need to be aware that pasta is as important in their diets as protein and vegetables are.

Pasta Advertising is not just about Dried Packet Pasta

Pasta is a basic, staple food but it can also be delicious and healthy when mixed with other ingredients. It is also a great energy source which can be very appealing to the budding athletes out there. Pasta advertising is about reaching out to consumers who love their food, like to be aware of healthy dinner options and who enjoy new products.

Pasta Advertising can be for anything pasta related, so why not consider running advertising for;

  • Dried Packet Pasta
  • Fresh Packet Pasta
  • Pasta Sauces
  • Pasta Cheese
  • Pasta Makers
  • Pasta Flour

Pasta needs to be exciting! Consumers tend to take this great food for granted, so by using Gourmet Ads network of sites to reach out to a larger number of consumers, you are not only boosting your brand awareness and making your brand seem more trustworthy because of this; you are also making pasta fashionable and more appealing to the younger generations if your advertising creates a ‘buzz’.

To get started with your next Pasta Advertising Campaign, Download our Media Kit, or Request a Proposal from our team.

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