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Optimizing your Product Pages

 Optimizing your Product Pages

Optimizing your product pages is critical to improved sales

Many food companies are rather average to be honest. Across the board there just isn’t enough effort put into them to help consumers. The aim of product pages is to improve sales. It is therefore vital to have a good product page representing your brand. Colors, fonts, images, and vital information about your product and brand can be a great way of presenting your company to a new audience or simply reconnecting with existing consumers.

The basic elements of a product page are:

1. Headline/title – Brand and product name in a large, clear font.

2. Product image – Clear photograph of the product. Multiple angles can be used to allow the customer to get a full view.

3. Product description – Basic description of the item.

4. Ready-to-buy area – A ‘checkout’ or ‘add to basket’ button makes the purchase procedure easy for the customer.

5. Additional details – Nutritional information can be provided for food products. Returns policies can also be included in this area.

These elements are vital in not only providing customers with information about a product, but to also help them get to know your brand. Better known brands tend to have more credibility – a valuable aspect when you want a customer to make a purchase.

In order to track your product pages and their results, you can add Google Analytics, an online tool which can help you increase conversions. It allows you to view data about your users and how they came to be directed to your page in the first place. Seeing from the perspective of the user how easy or difficult it was to navigate around your product pages, you can begin to constructively use this information. This can ultimately help you to work hard to improve your product pages so that they are more user-friendly.

Advertising your product pages to the right audience is an important part of increasing your sales. Gourmet Ads can help with this by using targeting to help you present your advertising to your ideal prospect/consumer. Instead of producing an advertising campaign which hits a wide audience, Gourmet Ads’ targeting methods allow you to aim your adverts at customers according to their online shopping and browsing habits, their location, gender or age. This means that you are more likely to get a return overall, thus making your ad campaign budget stretch further.

Effective advertising helps your product pages to reach the right audience

Although product pages do have the five ‘basic’ elements, it doesn’t mean that you can’t go any further in promoting your product. Advertising is all about standing out from the crowd and offering something that other brands are not. Think about what makes your brand unique and use this as your unique selling point on your product page.

Some food and drink companies have been known to provide additional options where you can either speak to a manufacturer – a great way of explaining how your product is made. User ratings and comments are another element which many brands like to use on product pages as it connects consumers with other consumers, linking a growing network of people with one common interest – your product. Addition of all the above to your product pages is great for adding credibility and also connecting with your audience.

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