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Online Grocery Sales to Grow

Online Grocery Sales to Grow

All forecasts are indicating that Online Grocery Sales to Grow

Recently we wrote a blog about how Online Grocery Stores can obtain new consumers by advertising online – See Advertising Groceries Online. To support our blog, we found the above chart (From Forrester Research – September 2008)above which indicates Online Grocery Stores will achieve incredible growth, almost double in fact, over the next few years. Of course, for this to happen there are some obstacles that must be overcome including:

  • Online stores are perceived as a second choice for shoppers
  • Online retail is becoming increasingly seasonal
  • Online shoppers rarely browse—which means they aren’t being enticed by deals

Let’s look at these obstacles and their solutions one by one to see how your online grocery business can look forward to exceptional growth in the few years:

The first obstacle to overcome is making online grocery shopping a primary choice for consumers. Most consumers have developed the habit of running to the grocery store for their shopping needs even though an online grocery store could prove more convenient and economical for them in the end. Convincing them to channel their grocery shopping dollars online is a matter of making them more aware of this option (brand advertising) and that is best accomplished with a targeted online advertising campaign.

The next obstacle to overcome is the seasonality of online retail. Many consumers turn to online shopping during the holidays and will consider online grocery shopping for their holiday items as well. Helping them consider online grocery shopping year round means keeping your online grocery ads in front of them year round. Since you want your consumers to purchase their groceries online, it makes sense to reach them with targeted online advertising.

Gourmet Ads believe that Online Grocery Sales will grow across all Demographics

And finally, you need to get your online shoppers to browse your store so they can be enticed by your many offerings. Getting them to click to your online grocery store whether or not they are ready to shop can be invaluable in accomplishing this goal.

Targeted online advertising with Gourmet Ads can help you overcome all the above obstacles so that shoppers will consider online grocery shopping as their first choice year round and will browse your store to increase their spending so you can lead the expected growth in online grocery sales in the future.

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