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Online Drives CPG Sales

Online Drives CPG Sales

Online Advertising Drives CPG Sales in Supermarkets

Last week the leading research house Comscore released a study indicating what many in the online advertising space have believed for sometime, that online advertising can be as effective as television advertising in lifting retail sales of CPG brands.

The Comscore study, based on a 200,000 panel of consumers who were members of grocery store loyalty programs, indicated that online advertising lifts retail sales of CPG products by an average of 9%, compared to an average lift of about 8% from TV campaigns (measured by Information Resources, Inc). Advertising campaigns for brands in a variety of CPG product categories, including cereal, cookie mixes, pizza, juice drinks, snack bars, pasta, tea, deodorants and toothpaste, were examined.

From what we understand the CPG Sales study not only tracked online behavior, but actual purchases at the grocery store, providing some of the best evidence from online to cash register that we’ve seen. Now there’s proof that Online Drives CPG Sales.

Unlike TV which can really only be limited to location and placement, online advertising provides a raft of targeting options. Apart from standard campaign targeting options, Gourmet Ads provides additional targeting such as Behavioral Targeting and Retargeting which hones in on the target audience which can provide exceptional results for advertisers.

Given that the Gourmet Ads network only runs advertising on approved, editorial selected recipes sites and food blogs we are always targeting the household grocery buyer each and everyday.

Some of the takeaways from this research for CPG Sales are;

  • Online Advertising is typically less expensive to TV Advertising
  • Online Advertising outperforms TV Advertising
  • Greater campaign targeting options available for online
  • Gourmet Ads reaches the main household grocery buyers each and everyday
  • Reach audiences when they are learning and research family meal ideas.
  • Measurable performance

Source: Comscore


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