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Online Coupons Growing

Online Coupons Growing

Online coupons are one of the fastest growing trends among consumers

The economic downturn and consumers growing awareness of the need to stretch their grocery dollar has made online coupons one of the fastest growing trends among consumers. Between 2009 and 2010, use of digital coupons rose to $1.2 billion, a 41 percent increase in just a year. While this trend shows no signs of slowing down, many companies have not taken advantage of the ways that digital coupons can bring new customers. So how can you use digital coupons to increase your business?

As newspaper ad coupons start to slow, the majority of online coupons users come from higher-earning families, for example, one recent report shows that families with an income above $100,000 annually are more than twice as likely to use online coupons. Consumers in this income bracket are the Gourmet Ads audience. So how are you attracting new customers to your brand by using online coupons?

Online coupons can be one of the fastest, most effective, and cost efficient ways to introduce a new product to the market. By offering coupons for a new product, you give customers the chance to try- and love- your product at a discounted rate, thus building brand loyalty which is the number one predictor of a successful product. Certain categories of products show higher rates of redemption of digital coupons. These include ready-to-eat cereal, yogurt, refrigerated dough, portable snacks, vegetables, baby products, soup, air/rug/fabric care, cheese, and lunch meats. If your item belongs in one of these categories, you will need to know what makes a digital coupon for these items so successful. Not only does the online coupon need to get in the hands of customers, it has to offer a significant discount to make customers want to try out a certain product

Like traditional coupons, the key to success with online coupons is getting it out to the public and into the hands of the customers who are most likely to use it. While there are a number of services on the internet that offer customers the ability to print out online coupons, these are not the only- or even the most efficient- ways to get coupons to shoppers. Gourmet Ads will develop an advertising strategy that can include running online coupons downloads on sites such as recipe websites which reach grocery buyers online.

Online coupons are one of the fastest, most effective way to launch a new product to the market

As the economy slowly recovers, coupon usage shows no signs of slowing down, and shoppers are spending more time looking for ways to save money and get a great deal on everyday purchases. Experts predict that food prices will continue to rise, giving customers more reasons to look for ways to cut their grocery budges. Technology improvements will also drive the use of digital coupons, with more customers looking for mobile applications that allow them to redeem coupons. Another important factor is the growing popularity of internet grocery shopping, which is an ideal venue for digital coupons. With so many reasons to take advantage of the digital coupon trend, now is the time to let Gourmet Ads design an advertising campaign incorporating online coupons for your brand.

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