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Not Just Food

Not Just Food

Advertisers on Gourmet Ads are Not Just Food Advertisers

If you’re advertising any sort of food or beverage product, then Gourmet Ads is the most relevant advertising platform for you (if we do say so ourselves). This is because we manage the advertising on sites frequented by grocery buyers. They range from food blogs to recipe sites and coupon destinations. So it’s logical to use Gourmet Ads to reach you’re the grocery buyer. However Gourmet Ads is much more than that. We have a unique and unduplicated audience which is great for advertising a range of products to.

We say that our audience lives to eat, but they also like to travel, look great, stay healthy and look stylish. Typically our audience is female aged between 27 and 55 years old, but there a few exceptions to the rule. So we’ve put together a short breakdown of sectors which perform well on the Gourmet Ads network and how we would position them for your campaign.

Food and wine go hand in hand with travel which is why both our food and wine verticals are ideal for running your next advertising campaign. Because we reach the household decision maker, it’s these people which not only make decisions about what to buy for dinner, they also heavily contribute to the decision of where they go on vacation. By using some of our retargeting and behavioural targeting options, running a travel advertising campaign with Gourmet Ads is much more cost effective than running your advertising campaign through a dedicated travel vertical advertising network.

Women’s Fashion
Our food vertical is predominately female, so Women’s Fashion is a logical fit with this audience. So no matter if you’re a designer, supermarket, mall or fashion retailer your campaign will reach your target market. Our audience likes to be at the forefront of culinary trends and no doubt they like to ear the latest fashions. Be sure to have lots of visuals or rich media to promote your fashion.

Both TV and Movie studios are always looking for cost effective avenues to promote their latest TV show or movie. Depending if the show or movie is aimed at a female or male demographic, we can serve the ads accordingly. However most of the entertainment campaigns we’ve run seem to always choose run of network when running branding campaigns because of the wide reach they offer.

Cosmetic and Skin Care
Cosmetic and skin care companies will find they have the ability to target different age groups with their cosmetic and skin care product advertising campaigns. By using behavioural targeting together with the food vertical you could run different advertising depending on the age group. So you could target the 30’s age group with Hydration products, the 40’s Anti wrinkle and 50’s Intense Anti Ageing products.

Unlike dedicated automotive vertical advertising networks such as AdTorque, Gourmet Ads offers automotive related companies two specific audiences. Car companies who run advertising around small cars aimed at women will find food an ideal platform to talk with potential female buyers. Our audience is also interested in green or hybrid related advertising campaigns.

Pharmaceutical / Over the Counter Medication
Many Pharmaceutical companies can find it hard to located related inventory to some of their products online. However advertising through the Gourmet Ads we’ll reach a very female audience of consumers that want so stay healthy. Some Pharmaceutical medication that treat a range of symptoms or illness such as diabetes, acid reflux / heart burn, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, menopause, and headaches / pain would all perform well, when advertised through the food vertical.

Baby / Maternity
Moms and moms to be are definitely part of our audience, and we’ve recently started categorizing sites that have a baby / mom focus. This allows you to delve deeper into dedicate food sites which have a specific mom focus. Some will be about foods to feed your baby as well as toddlers.

Cleaning Products
Our audience of household decision makers and main grocery buyers is ideal when advertising any sort of cleaning products for around the house. Apart from kitchen related cleaning products, any sort of consumer package goods like laundry powder, carpet cleaner, bathroom and toilet cleaner is ideal. Household appliances also would perform will so items such as washing machines, dryers, vacuum cleaners etc.

Not Just Food Advertisers, but Travel and Automotive Perform Well Also

Finally and most importantly, some of the sectors mentioned above like travel and automotive traditionally seen as an expensive CPM buy within their own environment. It’s essential to remember that when they are on travel or automotive sites they are generally at the end of the buying or research cycle. The consumer either knows where they want to travel to or are working out which car to buy. When advertising in Gourmet Ads it’s about brand awareness and capturing possible customers at the beginning of the conversation. As such Gourmet Ads will be less expensive than your typical travel or automotive focused ad network. Remember Gourmet Ads is Not Just Food Advertising.


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