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Not Just Clicks

Not Just Clicks

Earlier this week I stumbled over a study from which looked at the behavior of US internet users when visiting a website supported by advertising. The study surveyed Internet users to find out what actions they took when viewing a display ad on an ad-supported Website, 31% said they clicked on the ad.

In addition, 27% reported that they did an online search for the product, brand or company; something that we’ve believed for sometime. We’ve seen a tonne of research indicating this and I think we’ll write a dedicated blog about it in the future.

21% typed the company Web address in their browser. This was also rather obvious to us and is definitely the reason why you should have a naturally sounding domain name like or even if you simply redirect it back through to the product page on the company website. You could be missing out on traffic that’s looking for you. Make it easier!

Finally, and I cant really understand why, but 9% sought additional information using social media tools. It could be that they’ve looked at the product website and are looking for reviews, comments etc ?

So the conclusion of the study is that a click is only one measure of a display ad’s effectiveness. The by line of the report was “Display ads do more than look pretty” and as you can see this is very much the case. In order to measure the total value of a campaign it means you now need to be measuring all the online assets of your company or brand. For website metrics, you could use something like Google Analytics or Webtrends for visitors, tracking searches and domain name typing. Then on the social side you’ll need a tool to measure social side.

Source : Emarketer


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