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Newspaper Advertising vs. Gourmet Ads

Newspaper Advertising vs. Gourmet Ads

Analyzing effectiveness of newspaper advertising compared to Gourmet Ads

When advertising, you have to choose the best platform to get you noticed. That is why when it comes to newspaper advertising vs. Gourmet Ads, choosing the most effective method of drawing in customers is vital.

Newspaper advertising vs. Gourmet Ads means comparing the two, so when it comes down to what newspaper advertising has to offer, you would need to look at the different types of papers available (i.e. broadsheets, tabloids and Sunday papers) and how much it would cost to get your advert printed. If using newspaper advertising vs. Gourmet Ads, you will also need to be aware of the amount of readers that a specific newspaper gets and try and get information about how effective their advertising is. For example, find out how many sales were made as a direct link to newspaper advertising.

Gourmet Ads on the other hand has a simpler process, in that adverts can be displayed in the form of banner ads on a number of our associate sites. So unlike the case with newspaper advertising, with our network of websites, Gourmet Ads can target specific audiences with your advertising.

On top of the usual advantages of using digital media such as being able to monitor and track your ads and being able to expose even small companies to customers all over the world, Gourmet Ads is cheaper too. Whereas traditional print advertising can be very expensive, we can provide much more cost effective advertising campaigns and proposals.

Most of the time, newspaper advertising vs. Gourmet Ads won’t stand a chance, for the simple fact that accessing the internet is becoming more and more convenient. With a growing number of people being able to have access to mobile devices with the internet, it is no wonder that online ads are becoming increasingly popular with advertisers. In fact, even print newspapers now have their own websites which are read more often than their print versions.

Gourmet Ads is a more effective advertising platform than newspaper advertising

Being able to monitor and track advertising is one of the advantages that Gourmet Ads has over newspaper advertising. Through web analytics and tracking, Gourmet Ads are able to convert web page visitors into sales and real numbers for advertisers.

Although online advertising is the most cost effective way of increasing brand awareness, surprisingly 51.3% of total advertising costs go into television ads. 23.5% is spent on print ads, and only 10.1% is spent on internet advertising. To utilise a relatively new advertising platform, Gourmet Ads can help you with establishing your brand and targeting advertising at your desired customers. Not only is this an extremely valuable advertising method, but weighing up the benefits when it comes to Newspaper Advertising vs. Gourmet Ads advertising will save you so much more money as well.

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