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National Brands’ Geotargeted Campaigns

National Brands' Geotargeted Campaigns

Geotargeted campaigns reach the right audience

Geotargeting is a advertising strategy used to target consumers according to their geographic location and is a process used mainly by National Brand companies to ensure that they reach the right audiences, geographically.

Geotargeted campaigns are more effective because they can reach a more relevant demographic. Geotargeting your campaigns means that you can set a specific amount that you are going to spend on advertising. Instead of doing a widespread advertising campaign where many adverts may reach irrelevant and uninterested audiences, Geotargeting allows you to target specific consumers. It also ensures that your advertising budget is evenly distributed across the country.

Smaller companies usually keep their advertising specific to one locale so geo targeting is often only used to ensure that the ads are only kept locally. However, National brands can use Geotargeted campaigns to promote their brand and products to certain regions.

Using analytics, advertisers can discover where to best promote their products. National brands don’t necessarily have to evenly spread the budget across all locations to help increase sales; instead, using data and information about certain consumers buying habits in different areas, advertisers can utilise the information to put more adverts in the places where consumers are more likely to buy.

Many supermarkets like to run campaigns weighted with more budgets in one state against another. This is because, not all supermarkets are national. Advertising to one state about a supermarket nowhere near the region is a waste of advertising budget. Therefore, to productively use advertising, supermarkets can use Geotargeted campaigns to promote products and their stores to local consumers.

Gourmet Ads runs geotargeted campaigns everyday of the week.

Gourmet Ads run geotargeted campaigns, providing an ideal platform for national brand products to reach the right audience. Highly targeted campaigns allow you to create relevant ads for the right demographic groups. The types of food you advertise to people in certain regions may depend on the climate, amount of people or availability of the product in that region.

Online ad campaigns using banner ads for example can use click throughs to generate brand awareness. Pay Per Click advertising can be expensive, and geotargeted campaigns allows you to save money on wasted clicks by ensuring the only people that will see your ads are the people who will benefit from your product.

A common mistake that is made by advertisers is that nationally targeted campaigns can reach more people. Even though this is literally true, not all ad exposure enables conversions. The areas that are more likely to show a return are the ones you need to focus more budget on, and those areas with little or no return can receive less or none of your adverts. Geotargeted campaigns are the future for national brands that want to save money and only target their ideal customer.

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