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Movie Trailer Video Advertising

Movie Trailer Video Advertising

Pre Roll Video is best suited to Movie Trailer Advertising

If there is anything that’s suited to video advertising and pre roll video, it’s movie trailer advertising. With every new movie release, movie studios have the challenge of getting people to the movies as soon as they are released in order for them to do well at the Box Office. For some studios this happens every week.

By running movie trailers as a Pre Roll Video with Companion, movie studios can reach audiences quickly and cost effectively. They can give audiences a sneak peak of the movie via the movie trailer and drive them to the movie’s microsite. In some cases send the user to purchase their movie tickets straight away.

Because of online technologies such as Geo Targeting advertising, Gourmet Ads can run Movie Trailer Video Advertising globally for international releases, nationally for general releases or locally for low budget independent movies released in just a few cities. Depending on the type and budget of the movie, our team can develop a strategy that targets the right audience.

So what type of movies are suited to the Gourmet Ads audience? Given that the majority of our audience is household grocery buyers which are typically female aged 27 – 55, movies that do well include romantics, comedy, drama and even movies aimed at kids.

Reach Women with Movie Trailer Advertising

Like all video advertising on Gourmet Ads, we can also provide regular display advertising which would run alongside you movie trailer advertising for maximum reach. We can even run in-unit video advertising which is your movie trailer in a IAB Unit such as a 300×250 or 300×600 ad space.

So, if your Movie’s target market is aimed at women aged 27 – 55, Gourmet Ads Video Advertising is the ideal platform to reach your target market. If you promoting an upcoming release, then contact us about Movie Trailer Advertising.

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