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Moms Make Meal Decisions

Moms Make Meal Decisions

For most households, Moms Make all the Meal Decisions

For most houses, moms are still the primary decision maker when it comes to which meals will be served to families. Mothers are spending more time developing healthy meal options for their families, and are looking for products and recipes that help them create healthy meals. Despite the hectic lifestyles of today’s family, mothers still see dinner as an important meal that is worth preparing special dishes for. Some of the following findings about mothers can help food manufacturers and retailers better market products to the primary shopper in the family. That aside, moms make the meal decisions.

Busy mothers often don’t have the time they need to be able to cook meals, and they worry about finding ways to create healthy meals that they can prepare quickly. A lack of time to devote to meal planning and preparation can make it more difficult to find time to create the healthy dinners that mothers want for their families. This means that manufacturers who offer time-saving recipes and products that are also nutritious will appeal directly to these shoppers. Food producers who create convenience foods that are healthier will also see increased patronage from these shoppers. Moms often carefully plan dinner in advance and look at factors including taste, value, and the amount of time they have to cook dinner along with health factors when they decide what to cook for dinner. However, when moms are in a rush, convenience wins out over other factors. Many moms surveyed said that they didn’t believe that foods that are both healthy and convenient exist.

Researchers in one study categorized moms into four different groups based on their behaviors in terms of shopping for, planning, and preparing meals. The personalities of these groups can point manufacturers in the right direction for marketing to moms. The four categories are broken down as:

  • Busy Moms – working moms are often driven to purchase foods primarily on the basis of convenience. Most purchases are related to what foods can be prepared quickly, although these moms are still concerned with nutrition.

  • Harried Moms – these are the extreme of the busy mom. They are often stressed out and prone to “emotional eating”. During less stressful times, these moms will look for what is convenient.

  • Sunny Moms – these moms are always looking for the newest and freshest foods. They look for price, but are also label readers. These moms are far less concerned with convenience, and spend more time creating meals.

  • Stable Moms – this group of moms does not necessarily enjoy creating elaborate meals, but they do look for healthy foods. Instead of basing decisions strictly on convenience, these moms look for a balance between convenience and nutrition.

Can Brands Influence Moms when they are making Meal Decisions for their family ?

By understanding the needs of consumers who make food purchasing decisions, food manufacturers can better tailor their products to customers. Creating products that are easy and fast to cook yet still nutritious is the best way to appeal to moms that purchase the majority of food items. Products that offer a convenient way to create healthy meals are a sure bet for many families. Is your brand connecting with the moms in the household that make all the Meal Decisions ?

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