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Moat Ad Search

Moat Ad Search

Need Creative Advertising Inspiration ? Check out Moat Ad Search

We learnt recently about an Ad Search Site called Moat Ad Search which we’d like to share with you.

What the team at Moat have built is an ad search engine which indexes the advertising running on websites. You’ll see above the a search for Nescafe returns three 300×250 ad creative. When you rollover each ad it tells you what site the ad was located on, when it was located and the ad format (SWF or image) and the file size. You can then share the ad with others. Creative houses can even upload their creative to the site to share with others.

Moat Ad Search also Features unique Heatmap Technology

Apart from the Ad Search Engine, Moat boasts Ad Analytics, which uses heatmap technology which allows advertisers and publishers to see how and why users are interacting with their ads.

We’ve already started forwarding Moat to clients who we know develop their own ad creative. It reminds us of the site Adverlicious, but we think Moat is better.

Check out Moat Ad Search over at

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