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Highly successful milk advertising campaigns related to dairy products have brought a new market of consumers to all types of milk products. Everything from the outrageously successful “Got Milk?” campaign to the latest “Happy Cow” cheese advertisements and the increased market for yogurt has made dairy products one of the hottest items on grocery shelves. Companies that manufacture milk, yogurt, cheese, butter, or any other type of dairy goods can appeal to many different types of consumers with their milk advertising campaigns, including health conscious shoppers, kids and their parents, and people who enjoy gourmet quality products.

The market for dairy products has grown increasingly competitive as more companies have placed their products on grocery shelves. Among consumers looking for healthy diet options, everything from skim milk to specialty yogurt has a buyer. Marketing milk in conjunction with cereal or other healthy products has been successful for manufacturers, as have campaigns aimed at educating consumers about the health benefits of milk in general. Specialty yogurt is one of the fastest growing dairy product segments. Customers are buying up yogurt that contains things such as live cultures or bacteria that promote digestive health as well as low-calorie options that are conducive to dieting. Greek style yogurt is another rapidly expanding market segment as customers look to Greek yogurt to provide higher protein levels and lower sugar than other types of yogurt.

Milk Advertising that Reaches Your Target Market

Kids and parents have traditionally been an important segment for the dairy market, but the number and types of products that are being purchased by families has created new opportunities for dairy manufacturers. Kid friendly yogurts that are also low in sugar and provide nutritional benefits such as high calcium or even fiber are favorites among moms. Yogurt smoothies are another popular seller, and ice cream is a perennial favorite that continues to attract kids and moms.

The market for gourmet dairy products is growing as more chefs rediscover products such as high quality cheese. Both imported and domestic cheeses are gaining a new audience among chefs who use cheese in everything from breakfast to dessert, with smoked cheese becoming a popular trend.

Milk Advertising Solutions for Your Brand

The one thing that all of these consumers have in common is that they are all part of Gourmet Ads core audience. The majority of visitors to our sites are parents who are the primary grocery buyers in their homes, all of them have a major interest in food, and many of them are interested in finding new, healthy ways to feed their families. Dairy product manufacturers who advertise on the Gourmet Ads network can reach customers who are looking for new dairy products to offer their families.

Gourmet Ads offers a variety of ways to reach out to your customers’ online- video ads, traditional advertisements, or rich media ads that catch the eye of people who browse our sites. Gourmet Ads can even help you place recipe ideas that feature dairy products that customers can download and try out. Contact the team at Gourmet Ads to find out more about how your online milk advertising campaign could be the next “Got Milk?”

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