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Mid-Tail Advertising

Reaching Quality Niche Sites with Mid-Tail Advertising by Gourmet Ads

Take a quick think of where you visit on the Internet these days. Sure you visit Top 100 sites like CNN, ESPN and MSN but apart from those where else do you visit?

If you’re like most other people you’ll spend the majority of your time online on niche content sites and blogs. Why? Because this is where a great deal of content you’re interested in is being published these days. Its not in the large portal like sites, and it’s generally created by real people and not corporations. Online advertisers have started referring to these sorts of sites as the Mid-tail.

So what’s the Mid-tail of the Internet? It’s a collection of premium niche sites which produce great content and typically have between 50k to 10 million pages per month. So in the food space think of food blogs, food video sites, niche recipe websites and even web 2.0 applications like a recipe application for your iPhone. Some of the food sites in Gourmet Ads network are just about a particular topic like baking or cuisine like Mexican. They have dedicated and active audiences which participate in the conversation.

Many sites in the Mid-tail that Gourmet Ads represent have a cult like following with audiences visiting regularly throughout the month to read new content or participate. Some  even attract users multiple times per day and bring them back by using site features such as RSS to deliver new content throughout the day.

Mid-tail Advertising is important for any advertising campaign because it brings your message to a wider audience than just advertising a top 100 site. Mid-tail sites deliver valuable audiences, and it’s these audiences which are generally much more engaged than those on major sites. What’s more they are more active and are often looking for the next big thing in their space. As more and more internet users are moving away from the portals and large top 100 sites, Mid-tail sites will be crucial for advertisers to include in their media plans.

From a financial perspective, mid-tail advertising is often less expensive than advertising on a major site, and when running a campaign with Gourmet Ads, you can choose the sites and even ad placements. By doing hand selected ad placements your click though through and return on investment will be increased.

The advantages of Mid-tail Advertising are;

  • Highly engaged audiences
  • Sites are frequently visited
  • Many sites have a cult like following
  • Inexpensive CPM rates compared to large portals
  • Audiences range from 50k to 10 million pages per month

So if you looking at running an advertising campaign and would like to include Mid-tail sites in the media plan, contact Gourmet Ads and we’ll develop a customised digital media plan for your consideration. We’ll develop a Mid-Tail Advertising Campaign that will reach your target audience.

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