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Loyalty Program Data

Loyalty Program Data

Loyalty Program Data enables increase in customer visits

Loyalty program data has become hot among retailers (particularly supermarkets and grocery stores) due to its proven ability to increase the number of visits customers make, improve the average transaction amount, and improve the value of the average customer. The benefits of loyalty programs make them an obvious choice for many retailers, but most retailers aren’t taking advantage of a great asset – loyalty program data. Loyalty program data has a use that can help guide business strategy and help guide your next advertising campaign. So how can you cash in on loyalty program data? The following are a few ways your loyalty program data can help your business grow:

  • Loyalty program data is an ideal way to target both keeping your old customers and bring in new customers. You can analyze loyalty program data to find out where your customers live, what cell phone company they use, what products they buy, and what days they shop.  This can help you figure out how to target new customers and how to thank current customers for their loyalty.
  • Loyalty program data can help you come up with cross-promotional and co-branding ideas. For example, if you find that your customers often purchase two similar items together, you can create a sale or offer to promote those two products.
  • Loyalty program data can help you plan your businesses’ expansion. If you have a brick and mortar location, you can use geographical data to find out where your customers live, and this can guide your decision on where to build your next location. Or, for online companies, geographical data can tell you where to target your advertising efforts.
  • Loyalty program data can help you spend your advertising dollars more efficiently. Gourmet Ads offers geo targeting for digital advertising campaigns, so you can advertise to customers who live in high-volume areas.
  • Loyalty program data can help you determine the best products to stock and how to price them. Analyzing customer spending and purchasing habits can help you figure out the best combinations of price and product for your store.
  • Loyalty program data can help your direct marketing efforts. Whether you have an email campaign, a direct mail marketing campaign, or an online advertising campaign, your loyalty program data can help you create more efficient marketing plans.
  • Loyalty program data can help build the strength of your brand. By creating a loyal following for your business, you will attract customers through word of mouth. Your data from your loyalty program can let you know how customers find out about you to help improve your marketing strategy.

Gourmet Ads can turn your Loyalty Program Data into a smarter marketing strategy

Loyalty program data provides advertisers with a way to understand their customers’ behavior and market their product to multiple consumer segments with more precision than ever before. We can use targeting options like either Retargeting or Behavioral Targeting to bring consumers back to your site. Whether you have already implemented a loyalty program or are considering using one, Gourmet Ads can show you how to turn the information you are collecting into a smarter marketing strategy. Whether you want to protect your market share, increase customer spending, or simply make the most of your advertising dollar, Gourmet Ads can help you turn your loyalty program data into sales.

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