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Local Online Advertising

When you think about local advertising the first thing that probably comes to mind is advertising in your local newspaper. Unfortunately these days as newspaper sales and readership is rapidly plummeting, advertisers are transitioning to online in order to reach local consumers. That might seem odd at first since the internet is so global, but as we discussed in a blog on that topic last month, Geo Targeting allows you to focus your online advertising campaign to the precise local area you want to reach. With geo targeting, advertisers can target local online advertising campaign by the country, state, city or even right down to the suburb you want to reach.

This is extremely valuable for the small business that only operates in a limited area or even a large chain supermarket that wants to focus on one particular location that needs a sales boost. If there was one location that wasn’t performing up-to-par they could geo target that local area and run a special promotion or coupon.

As the internet has become more expansive, it has at the same time become increasingly more personal. Consumers rely on the internet as a source of communication and news more and more, hencve the reason newspaper sales are down. Even the coupon section that used to sell a lot of papers doesn’t have the draw it once did, because consumers are looking online for their coupons as well. That is just one more reason for businesses to consider local online advertising as opposed to newspaper advertisements. In fact, with a geo targeted online local ad on a vertical advertising network like Gourmet Ads will be much more cost-efficient than radio or even television ads.

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