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Local Advertising

Local Advertising to attract Local Grocery Buyers

Local advertising is very important if supermarkets hope to increase sales for attracting shoppers. Like other national marketers, many supermarkets turn to advertisements such as newspaper inserts to bring in customers. The use of ads and coupons in daily newspapers and limited television and radio advertising hasn’t allowed most supermarkets to get the results they have been looking for. As a result, newspapers are seeing a decline in sales of this type of ad. While most supermarket chains are aware of the fact that internet advertising is now the most popular and powerful way to appeal to shoppers, many do not realize the potential of using an advertising network to attract local shoppers.

Traditionally, newspaper space devoted to supermarket advertising relied heavily on what is known in the industry as “Best Food Day”, normally Wednesday or Thursday each week. During this time, newspapers devote extra space to food articles and advertising from local grocery stores and supermarkets. The reason that supermarkets and grocery stores relied so heavily on advertising during this period is that they understand that local readers who are interested in food will be looking for ads on those days.

Today’s shopper is spending more time online and less time reading the paper- and customers are going to sites that feature information about food and cooking. What many local retailers may not realize is that thanks to the use of technologies such as geo targeting, they can advertise to shoppers in a specific DMA or even a zip code. The idea is that when local supermarkets purchase advertising space through the Gourmet Ads network, we can target your ads so that they appear only to shoppers who live and work in the same geographic area as your supermarket.  Whether you are a larger chain that covers several states or a neighborhood grocer, we can target your ads to the audience who is most likely to walk in your doors.

Gourmet Ads can provide accountability for local advertising

One of the reasons that so many local supermarkets are turning to digital local advertising is due to the high level of measurability and accountability that Gourmet Ads can offer. By showing your ads to people who live in your area and are interested in food, Gourmet Ads can ensure that you are getting the most from every advertising dollar you spend. Digital advertising with Gourmet Ads for local grocers creates a great opportunity for supermarkets to reach out to new customers directly by providing advertisements and specials to shoppers in a way that reduces inefficient ad spending. Placing an ad with the Gourmet Ads network allows you customers to find savings with online coupons, learn about new recipe ideas featuring sale items, complete meal planning tasks, and so much more.

Allowing Gourmet Ads to market to grocery buyers in your area will help you business expand by reaching out to today’s internet savvy consumers who expect even brick and mortar businesses to have a substantial online presence. Whether you are planning to expand your supermarket across the country or just want to reach the shoppers in your neighborhood, with local advertising, Gourmet Ads can help find the shoppers you’ve been missing.

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