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Kellogg’s Increases Online Advertising

Kellogg's Increases Online Advertising

It’s not really the headline you’d expect to see in the middle of a global financial situation, but this week I read in the US that breakfast cereal company Kellogg’s has increased their advertising. Not in traditional advertising, but in online advertising.

Kellogg’s also announced that for the first time that its return on online investment surpassed its television advertising over the last year and a half. See article here from Wired.

Kellogg’s as a company is very much aware of the fact that in tough times (they increased their advertising during the great depression) consumers look to save money everywhere from buying cheap cuts of meat to buying cheaper quality wines. This is the same for breakfast cereals. To prevent consumers shifting to cheaper brand breakfast cereals, Kellogg’s is increasing online advertising to ensure that their cereals are top of mind when in the supermarket aisle.

If you’ve got an FMCG product should you be thinking about increasing your online advertising budgets to prevent losing customers?

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