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It’s not always about the click

It's not always about the click

Online advertising is often referred to as the perfect advertising medium because it has the ability to track impressions, clicks, transactions, conversations rates and virtually any other metric a marketer could require. But for companies that don’t actually transact online, say for example products in the grocery aisle, it’s not always about the click it about gaining market awareness or branding; harnessing the power of online.

Brand marketing is marketing your brand as wide as possible to gain attention or market awareness. The aim is to reach as many consumers as possible and the success of a brand marketing campaign is to make sure that the creative is memorable. Not only does it have to be memorable, but they need to engage with the creative somehow. This is so when the consumer goes to the supermarket or grocery store they will have brand recognition with your product.

A memorable brand marketing campaign can be achieved by running a typical TVC in an island ad space (300×250) or engaging them via a viral game or challenge online. The creative will be different depending on the target demographic and obviously the product. Younger consumers are more likely to engage with a fun flash game, whereas beer consumers would see appeal in a superbowl styled TV commercial to gain attention or for a laugh.

So what should the strategy for a food, wine, beer or FMCG company be when developing their brand marketing company?  Well it’s rather easy and straightforward;

  1. Develop advertising creative which engages your target consumer.
  2. Ensure that it’s memorable.
  3. Undertake a wide reaching media buy – purchase millions of impressions

So if you can’t refer to the “clicks” or online metrics of your branding marketing campaign, how do you measure the success? Easy, take a look at the increase in sales of your product.


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