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Influencing Meal Decisions

Influencing Meal Decisions

Reach Consumers Online and start Influencing Meal Decisions

Each week, millions of consumers sit down in front of their computers hoping to answer the most dreaded question in many homes- “what’s for dinner?” Research tells us that a rapidly growing segment of the population spends time every week searching for new ways to feed their families. While consumers are on the hunt for recipes, they are also very particular about what they are looking for. While they love the gourmet food they see on television cooking shows or enjoy at their local restaurants, consumers need recipe ideas that will fit their lifestyles. The search for the perfect recipe is an opportunity that food manufacturers and retailers can take advantage of as they try to influence the shopping habits of customers.

More families are looking not only for fast meal ideas, but for ways to provide their families with better nutrition. There are also a growing number of people with specific dietary restrictions, such as those who cannot eat wheat or gluten, people with allergies, and even dieters who are looking for lower calories meals. Food manufacturers who create recipes tailored to these individuals are a perfect example of how the right recipe idea offered to online customers can positively impact the buying decisions of shoppers. Appealing directly to a customer with a specific dietary need is one of the ways that placing recipes on the Gourmet Ads network can attract customers you may not have reached before.

Another factor in the grocery purchasing decisions of many families is their level of familiarity with a certain product. Also known as brand recognition, many families create meal ideas based around a favorite ingredient or dish. Launching an advertising campaign that places your ad alongside the recipe ideas that customers are looking for is the perfect way to build up brand awareness and help customers associate your product with a particular recipe.

Branded Recipes are another way of Influencing Meal Decisions of consumers

Branded Recipes are another way that food companies are influencing meal decisions. Offering a new recipe idea that features your product can be one of the best ways to ensure a long line of repeat sales as customers instantly associate your product with a family favorite recipe. Whether it is a casserole that uses a particular brand of soup or a dessert with the perfect pudding, branded recipes are a great way to influence dinner choices.

The hectic lives lived by many families has also created a major opportunity for convenience food manufacturers. While moms may be searching for the perfect meal idea today, chances are, they will be pressed for time tomorrow and will need something they can cook fast. Whether your company makes frozen meals, meal kits, or even quick side dishes, featuring your product on our ad network can be the perfect way to make customers think of you when they need a quick meal.

Reaching out to customers searching online for recipe ideas is one of the best ways to reach highly targeted customers who need what you have to offer, and need it now. Influencing meal decisions of customers is an important part of building a loyal customer base for your product and brand.

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