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Increasing Market Share

Increasing Market Share

Advertising Programs which contribute to Increasing Market Share

There are certain companies who have been so successful in growing their market share that they have become synonymous with the products they sell. Think of Spam, Clorox, Xerox, Cool Whip, and Kleenex. These products are so well known that all a consumer needs to do is say their name and customers know exactly what you are talking about. All these companies have achieve success when it comes to increasing market share to a point where they reach a significant portion of the customers in that market. The goal for any company is to develop that level of brand recognition, which translates into a greater share of the market for your product. The best way to increasing market share is by reaching a large number of customers, quickly and cost effectively, making sure that you are the first name they think of in your category. Gourmet Ads offers a number of advertising programs that will allow you to reach the customers who will help you establish your brand.

The first step to increasing your market share is to make sure that customers know who you are- and to do that, you have to reach as many highly targeted customers as possible with your marketing efforts. Your market share is defined by the number of available customers you are reaching- and online marketing is one of the best ways to reach a greater number of customers. Online marketing allows your company to reach the customers who are looking for you directly and frequently, giving your potential customers as many opportunities as possible to find out more about your company.

Increasing Market Share with Gourmet Ads

The following are some of the tools that Gourmet Ads uses to communicate with shoppers, all of which are ideal tools that you can use to increase your market share;

  • Over the Page Advertisements – These full size, highly engaging ads are one of the best ways to grab your customer’s attention. Using an over the page advertisement makes a major impact on customers because it presents the image that your product is worthy of such an advertisement, giving customers the impression that your product is one of the major players in your market.
  • Video Advertising – Just like television ads, online video ads make a big impact on your customers. When your shoppers see a video ad for your product, it gives customers the impression that your product is a heavy hitter in the industry.
  • Rich Media Ads – A well designed rich media ad is one of the best tools for driving brand awareness. Rather than an advertisement that just sits and hopes for the attention of customers, rich media ads grab your customers’ attention and force them to look at you.
  • Downloadable Coupons – One of the best ways to get customers to try a new product is to offer a downloadable coupon that encourages them to try your brand. The more often a customer sees your product in conjunction with something that promotes the idea of a great value, the more likely they are to try it.
  • Retargeting Campaign – It is no secret that repetition is the key to building up your brand recognition, but did you know that it can also increase market share? Gourmet Ads uses retargeting software to ensure that customers who visit your site once will see your ad when they visit other sites. This creates the impression that your brand is “everywhere”, increasing the market share of your brand by reaching out to potential customers as often as possible.

Improving your market share ultimately means more sales, and that is the goal of every company. Let Gourmet Ads help you reach more customers than ever by showing your ad to as many customers as possible. Do this and you’re on track to increasing market share.

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