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Increasing iPhone Application Installs

Increasing iPhone Application Installs

To stand out its essential to be Advertising your iPhone Application

The iPhone application, iFood Assistant by Kraft Foods as certainly sparked food companies and advertising agencies all over the world to look at how they can develop similar applications for their brand. There is no doubt that Kraft’s first mover advantage with iFood has helped fuel millions of installations and millions in revenues for the food giant. On the wine side of things, there seems to be a wine application being released every week on the iPhone.

Technically speaking the iPhone developer platform allows companies to do most things they would want to pack into an iPhone application. However the challenge these days isn’t what to develop, the challenge is how do you attain the viral effect around your iPhone application when you don’t have first mover advantage?

The key to generating the desired viral effect is to advertise your iPhone application to your target audience. For example if your iPhone application is about recipes or even cocktail recipes, then Gourmet Ads can provide the perfect environment to reach possible consumers.

Advertise your Food iPhone Application to your target Market on Gourmet Ads

Reaching into the Gourmet Ads food and wind vertical networks you can quickly and cost effectively tell your target market about your application and start having consumers install the application. Once you’ve planted the seed, installations follow. Given the power of rich media, you could easily demonstrate the features of your iPhone application or even provide a short video commercial about it. The advertising could then drive consumers to a micro site which offers more information and a link to the iTunes store for installation on consumer’s iPhone.

Finally, as a value to booking the advertising campaign with Gourmet Ads we could provide via email the opportunity to give free installations of the iPhone application to our website owners and bloggers allowing them to blog about your iPhone application to their audience.

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